We want to be able to provide services with which we ourselves would happily be treated, and which we would recommend to our family and friends. We can only do this if we listen and act on what YOU, the young people using our services, tell us YOU want from your healthcare.

This means that:

as individuals, YOU will be helped to be involved in YOUR care or treatment. We will acknowledge YOUR personal needs, abilities and aspirations.

as part of a group or community, YOU can get involved in different activities and share YOUR views on service planning, design and evaluation.

as a whole, YOU will be listened to by senior managers who will make sure that YOUR views are part of the big decisions. YOU will help Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to really understand the issues that YOU face.

YOUR views, opinions and ideas are really important to us. It is only by listening to YOU and acting on what YOU say that we can make sure that we are delivering a service that is meeting YOUR needs.

The Children & Young People's Directorate have developed Participation Guidance and Action Plan to inform the implementation of Participation across CAMHS.

To find out more information about Participation down load the charter below, or click on 'Our Say' to view the participation charter on You Tube.

If you would like to find out more or share your views please email us at:


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