It is not known for sure the reason for addictions. It can be a predisposed reason, or an unresolved problem or just a habit.

Addictions can take many forms, a few examples being smoking, alcohol, drugs (speed, barbiturates, steroids, glue and aerosol sniffing, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ecstasy), prescription drugs and even food. Sometimes the addiction is simply psychological because of the habit forming element i.e. food and cannabis.

Other addictions are both physical and psychological i.e. smoking (nicotine) and heroin. Both often require the use of intervention to break the habit forming element or the physical addiction.

Addicts can often show a change in personality from being outgoing to withdrawn or vice versa. They often go to great lengths to cover up their addiction by hiding it or lying about it. Addiction can often lead to mental health problems.

If you have concerns that a young person you care about has an addiction YADAS is a Multi-agency service for Young Adults under the age of 19 years old whose lives are being adversely affected by drugs and or alcohol.

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