Early Intervention Service (EIS)

Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust has two Early Intervention in Psychosis teams covering Dorset. The East Early Intervention Service (EIS) covering Bournemouth, Poole and Rural East Dorset are based in Westbourne. The West Early Intervention in Psychosis are based in Dorchester, covering West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland and North Dorset.

Who is the service for?

Anybody aged between 18 and 65 years old who is experiencing the following

  • Hearing voices or changes in their thoughts
  • Alterations in how events, people and thoughts are perceived
  • Feeling suspicious at times about other people
  • Experiencing beliefs and thoughts that cause the person distress
  • Changes in behaviour such as becoming more isolated or reduced motivation

What does the service aim to do?

  • To discuss with the person their experiences and assess their mental health.
  • To help the person to increase their understanding of what is happening to them
  • To reduce the level of distress caused by the experience
  • To work alongside the person to increase their abilities in coping with their problems
  • To work closely with family and friends to promote recovery
  • To assist the person to plan for their future

What can the person expect from the service?

The team consists of a range of trained people which includes nurses, doctors and social workers. They have training and experience of working with young people with the early signs of psychosis and their families. Also they have close links with other clinical teams and services, which can provide specialist help and support.

How to access the service?

You can either speak to your:

  • your doctor
  • other agencies that you have contact with
  • the local community mental health team (CMHT)
  • contact us directly

How Do I contact the Service?

Bournemouth/Poole/East Dorset

To get help just call the office on: 01202 584336


31 Slades Farm Road

Ensbury Park



BH10 4EU

Dorchester/Bridport/Weymouth and Portland/North Dorset

To get help just call the office on: 01305 214500 (Bridport and Dorchester) 01305 21400 (Weymouth & Portland) 01258 450610 (Sherborne, Shaftsbury and Blandford).

30 Maiden Castle Road



Twitter: @WestDorsetEIP


Facebook: Early Intervention - North and West Dorset


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