Self Harming

What is self harming?

Self harming is when someone injures or harms themselves on purpose. Self harming takes many forms, some of which involve cutting, hitting or burning. It can also include binge drinking and misusing substances. At times any of these behaviours can lead to serious injury or accidental death.

What makes people self harm?

Self-harm is often a way of coping with painful and difficult feelings and can help you to feel in control. Someone may harm themselves because they feel overwhelmed or depressed. They could be being bullied, be experiencing family problems or have experienced abuse and don't know how else to deal with what is happening in their lives. There are situations where some people feel that there is no alternative and they consider ending their lives intentionally.

Harming yourself or considering to harm yourself in any way is a sign that something is seriously wrong.

If you think you are going to hurt yourself it is extremely important that you tell someone straight away and get help to keep safe. Talking to an adult you trust can help you understand the choices you have and help you find a solution.

Remember if the person you first speak to does not help or does not believe you then speak to someone else.

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